Work History:

I first started working as a therapist while an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado in 1972. A psychology professor asked for a volunteer to co-lead a dance therapy group at the Boulder Mental Health Center. I had an interest in rock climbing, skiing, and dance, as well as psychology, so took I took the position.

Moving to New York City in 1973, I studied Dance Therapy at Hunter College afterwards creating a dance therapy treatment program in Darien, Connecticut for children with various cognitive and emotional difficulties.  I then moved to New Orleans in 1979 to take a full time position at the River Oaks Psychiatric Hospital, a small private hospital owned and operated by a group of psychoanalysts. 

Expanding my interest in creative arts I studied and practiced play therapy, psychodrama and art therapy. In addition to my full time position at River Oaks I also developed pilot programs in dance therapy and psychodrama at both the Tulane Medical School teaching hospital and the Columbine Psychiatric Center in New Orleans. 

My interest in family therapy led to a Master’s degree in Social Work from Tulane University. While attending Tulane I also worked as the senior therapist at a residential center for patients transitioning from hospitalization to outpatient status.

Following graduation in 1985 I moved to Denver to take a position in the Family Therapy Department at Mt. Airy Psychiatric Hospital. After 3 years I entered private practice working with children, adolescents and adults. In addition to my clinical work with families and children I co-founded Families in Transition to assist divorcing couples cope with rearing children through a difficult period of their lives. I also developed and ran a group program at Aurora Central High School aimed at keeping at-risk teenagers in school. During the year this group was in existence not a single group member dropped out of high school despite a nearly 50% homeless rate among these students.

I attended the Denver Psychoanalytic Institute affiliated with CU Medical School, graduating in both adult and child psychoanalysis.  After graduating I became a member of  the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at CU Medical School  and  a member of the faculty of the Denver Psychoanalytic Institute at the Health Sciences campus in Aurora, Colorado, teaching on Fridays while maintaining his clinical practice Tuesday and Thursday. I am the current Director of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program.

Through the Denver Psychoanalytic Society Tom has been the facilitator for the Denver Psychoanalytic Film Series since 2011. 


2011    Denver Psychoanalytic Institute, CU Medical School (Child Psychoanalysis)

2009  Denver Psychoanalytic Institute, CU Medical School (Adult Psychoanalysis)

2004  Denver Psychoanalytic Institute, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program, CU Medical School

1985   MSW, (Emphasis on Family Therapy) Tulane University

1983   Certificate, (Play Therapy) LSU Medical School    

1978   M.S. (Dance/Movement Therapy) Hunter College

1973   B.A. University of Colorado



2018-2022     Director of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program (PTP), Denver Psychoanalytic Institute, CU Medical School

2010 - 2019    Clinical Instructor, CU Medical School, Department of Psychiatry

1988 - 2019     Private Practice (Denver, Colorado)

Full time solo private practice focusing on family therapy and intensive treatment of children, adolescents, and adults. Work with children, adolescents and adults around parenting and family concerns. Co-founded Families in Transition to assist divorced couples in parenting effectively.  Have served the court as a parenting time evaluator for children. Served the court as an expert witness in cases involving children in Boulder, Denver, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Douglas and Logan Counties over the past 25 years.

1986-1988    Mount Airy Psychiatric Center (Denver, Colorado)

As a family therapist, provided consultation, evaluation and treatment for individuals, couples and families in an inpatient setting.  Responsible for family therapy on child and adolescent units.

1985        University of New Orleans Mental Health Clinic (New Orleans, Louisiana)

As Social Work clinical intern, provided assessment and treatment for students, faculty, staff and their families.

1984        1440 House (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Senior therapist in developing a transitional residence for individuals returning to the community after psychiatric hospitalization.

1982-1983    Tulane Medical Center (New Orleans, Louisiana)

 Devised and implemented dance therapy program at medical school affiliated teaching hospital for long and short-term psychiatric in-patients.

1981-1985    Coliseum Medical Center (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

Created and implemented group treatment program for children, adolescents and adults utilizing modalities of dance therapy and psychodrama.

1979-1984    River Oaks Hospital (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Provided individual and group psychotherapy utilizing modalities of play therapy, dance, art, music and psychodrama working with children, adolescents and young adults.

1978        Darien Arts Council (Darien, Connecticut)

Designed and implemented pilot dance/play therapy program for children with various disabilities.