Psychotherapy: I work with individuals, families, and couples. 

Psychoanalysis: The goal of psychoanalysis is to restore or return someone to his or her  life path through exploration of the unconscious as well as current life events. I am trained and qualified to work psychoanalytically with children, adolescents, and adults. 

I work with problems that are related to anxiety, depression, and family relationships. With children I also work with school related problems. 


My Personal View

    The reason to seek treatment is to get relief from painful emotional symptoms and to feel understood as a unique individual. From a successful experience in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy one gains emotional freedom. There is the chance to improve personal relationships and become more productive at work - and  take more pleasure from life.

    These goals are achieved through changing lifelong ways of coping that aren’t working. Therapy allows you to understand feelings and behaviors that just don’t make sense. Through understanding, one gains control over one's life and stops self-destructive patterns of behavior. Partly this is achieved by preventing the past from interfering with your present life.

    Therapy provides a place to talk things over in a safe and private environment. Conversations are confidential and I won’t discuss what we talk about with anyone without your permission unless it involves an issue of personal safety.

    These basic ideas underlie my work whether with children, adolescents or adults – and also my work with couples and families.

    There are many theories about psychotherapy, but one fact is born out repeatedly in research, as well as people’s experience – the relationship between the you and your therapist is the most important element in treatment.